Duality is a solver for Constrained Horn Clauses based on Craig Interpolation and Lazy Annotation. A CHC solver can be used for many purposes, including the verification of recursive programs.

Lazy Annotation is a method of software model checking that performs a backtracking search for a symbolic counterexample. When the search backtracks, the program is annotated with a learned fact, derived as a Craig interpolant, that constrains future search. In this sense, the method is closely analogous to conflict-driven clause learning in SAT solvers.

Getting Duality

Duality was integrated as a Horn Logic solver in the Z3 theorem prover up to version 4.7.1. Releases of Z3 containing Duality can be obtained from the Z3 Github site. To use Duality for a Horn logic problem in the SMTLIB2 format, use the Z3 command-line option engine=duality.


Lazy Annotation Revisited
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